No apologies will be issued for that.

Because we’ve already heard some shitty remarks about photos of us smiling or doing some activity I had to add this addendum to our “press release”:

“If you’ve been seeing our Facebook posts from the last 5 months you may be confused. You may be asking how we can justify taking a long drive, or going to the movies, or sending Christina to Prom when everything we’ve just said is in conflict to those happy images. The heart of it lies in the fact that to us family is everything & indeed it is all we feel we have left to celebrate. We’re trying to do as much celebrating as we can to avoid being completely bogged down & swallowed whole by the stark reality of our situation. We are facing not only losing our present but our future. We may lose our home, our car, our dignity. We may lose our dog. Christina may lose her father. I may lose my husband. Brandon may lose his life. We’re finding happiness wherever we can. Period. No apologies will be issued for that.”

And none will. I will not apologize for the little bits of happiness we are able to gather. Life is too fucking short for that.


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