In my state a family of 3, living on $42000/year, with chronic medical problems including: asthma, fibromyalgia, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, and cancer… is ineligible for any type of county, state, or federal aid.

Social Security Disability benefits will begin in September. There’s a five month waiting period. They didn’t backdate benefits to the date my husband first applied, in March 2014.

He isn’t eligible for medicare until he’s been on Social Security Disability for 24 months. That makes it March 2017.

Our income is too high to qualify for medicaid. We’re $13000 over.

We are eligible for a Qualified Healthcare Plan. So between the premiums & copays that’s an extra $600 – $1000/month minimum.

And our landlord (my mother) upped the rent.

We don’t qualify for energy assistance, food stamps, or any other services.

We don’t qualify for financial aid of any kind. We don’t qualify for housing assistance.

My husband’s therapist is in an office that doesn’t allow them to write letters of support for Emotional Support Animals so we don’t even have the protection to keep our full family together should we be evicted or otherwise have to relocate.

We are faced with very real choices between necessities & cancer treatment. My medication vs his. Cutting out every ray of happiness & hope we have – moving, getting rid of our dog, yanking our kid out of her tech school during her senior year… and still being met with a curt “sorry, folks, we can’t help you”.

There is no help.
And it feels like there is no hope.


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