The kids are alright

You know what? I *am* going to be fine. I just dealt with a therapist firing shots to my self esteem. And I’m okay. I’m also a bad mofo.

Yes; Husband has cancer, insurance has cancelled, we’re broke, social security disability hasn’t been approved yet, we’re in danger of losing our home, Daughter is on the terrifying cusp of adulthood, the dog rejected me, I’ve been orphaned, and a trillion other things.

But I’ve already survived worse. That’s why old shit was bleeding through – to remind me how many other times the sky has fallen, how weak I felt, & how forcefully I re-emerged.

The attitude has been changed. The perspective has been shifted.

Thank you, Horrible Therapist, for reminding me how brilliant, strong, & self reliant I am… even if you did it by nearly destroying me.

I’ve got this.
In spades.


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