In your face

Here’s something you may not know about Cancer. It is unavoidable. No, I don’t mean that you are somehow guaranteed to develop cancer at some point in your life. What I mean is that the Cancer Industry has in fact become an industry. They advertise. They market. They campaign.

For example: When you see something pink (that isn’t a gender biased toy), what do you associate? Breast cancer, of course!

And every fucking movie seems to use cancer as a plot device. In this list include movies you’d have no indication would include triggers like Mad Max Fury Road & The Judge. There is no internet compilation of triggering movies to avoid either, I’ve checked. And, at least locally, even if the movie doesn’t contain cancer references going to the theatre requires you to sit through 5 – 15 minutes of medical commercials for local branches including the Named After Someone Important Cancer Centre. We don’t have cable in part because the commercials are all so damn triggering.

And then there’s all the fundraisers, marathons, galas, bumper stickers, ribbons, jewellery, tattoos…

It’s inescapable. And when you’re already feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, & thoroughly saturated by cancer (yours or someone else’s)…

I’d like to believe that it’s just the synchronicity that occurs in life (you buy a new Mini Cooper & suddenly notice everyone in your town is driving Mini Coopers. The rate of purchase on Minis hasn’t gone up, you’re just more aware of them), except I don’t think it’s that. Every Dr’s office has cancer awareness posters, there are buses running ads, Pandora runs ads, radio runs ads… and a special fuck you goes out to the genius who came up with targeted marketing practices that are based off your search history because they make evading your illness IMPOSSIBLE (I’m looking at you Facebook & Amazon).

It is always in your face. Which makes relaxing & escaping your troubles really fucking difficult.


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