Forgive & forget.

Nifty thing about losing basically all of my memory: I get to let shit go. It’s impossible for me to hold a grudge for something that happened 15 years ago because I really don’t know what you’re talking about.

I’m “reconnecting” with an old friend. Except she isn’t.

I’m not greeting her as an old friend because she isn’t an old friend. We aren’t the same people we used to be. Remnants of those people remain but, when I say hello or welcome her into my home, I’m welcoming who she is right now.

A lot of that is because I no longer know or care what happened before. If I can see the good in you (and I have a really broad definition of “good”), all that history is now irrelevant.

This is really quite disturbing (the forgetting), but the forgiving (often by means of forgetting) is very liberating.


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