Under the umbrella

I’m certain that this is inviting nastiness from people who’ve not been in similar circumstances but it still needs to be said: having “free” medical coverage is the only reason my family & I are able to take care of our health. I say “free” because I still pay taxes and those taxes fund the medical assistance we are currently on. I gotta say, even with the restrictions on some medications & services, it is a blessing.

My husband has a host of medical issues that have been ignored far too long (varicose veins, carpal tunnel, cancer, etc), as do I (asthma, allergies, fibromyalgia, etc). They’ve been ignored not because we don’t care or because we weren’t trying to take care of ourselves: they’ve been ignored because we didn’t have the money or the time or sufficient medical coverage to sort out our issues.

If you think we’re taking advantage of the system then you’ve never been in need of The System. This man has been ignoring his carpal tunnel for 20 years due to the aforementioned reasons. Now, because of medical assistance & the time off he requires to recover from cancer treatment, he is finally able to get his hands fixed. This isn’t some whiny 20-something who’s carpal tunnel is being exacerbated by too much internet porn. This is a man who can’t get through a meal unaided because he often can’t hold a fork. For him having this surgery is life changing & it wouldn’t be possible without medical assistance & time off.

As for me, I’ve been in constant pain for as long as I can remember. This coverage has allowed me to finally find a GP & medication to help. Without this coverage I would still be unable to function & care for myself and my family.


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