Arms Outstretched

I’ve noticed myself reaching out more lately. That’s how I know I’ve shifted my mindset. A few months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of meeting up with an old high school mate for coffee because I’d closed ranks around myself. The whole “I don’t need anybody” thing, in full swing.

And I don’t “need” this old friend. But I’m open to the possibility of a bigger friendship with her. That’s a big deal. It’s been a long time since I’ve let myself be open to (or, heaven forbid, want) something more than I have.

Right now I find myself being open to (and in some cases, even wanting) a lot: better health, better quality of time spent, more positivity, pink-er hair, more activity, better conversation, creative outlets, more time outside…

This is that clichéd moment where a person becomes hungry for life again, and it feels amazing.


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