Resting Bitch Face

Someone told me I have Resting Bitch Face. I doubted this so I looked through some photos from the last 10 years and it occurs to me it isn’t my weight, my dress, or my hairstyle that I notice it is, in fact, that peculiar micro expression I’m informed now is Bitch Face.

Except it isn’t.

That expression is present in almost all of my current photos & decreases the further you go back. It’s in my happiest moments & my most oblivious. That expression is pain.

I’m just as judgmental of first glances as everyone else, but maybe next time you see someone with Resting Bitch Face… consider that it may be pain you’re noticing, not malevolence. And then take into account that people do everything in their power to hide their pain, so if you’re seeing it – it’s probably pretty bad.

Smile. And don’t be offended if they don’t smile back. It didn’t cost you anything.


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